Honey and Fall Weather

Fall Fun

It’s October but until yesterday we were still seeing temps in the high 80s. Luckily, we got a cold front and it finally feels like Fall in Texas. A great way to welcome this time of year is through seasonal drinks and baking.


Honey, our sweet gift from honey bees and (most say from the heavens), is the perfect addition to most drinks. One of my favorites is warm chamomile tea with lemon and honey. It’s a great remedy for cough or simply to ease the mind before bed.

Hot cider is another house favorite. I warm it with mulling spices and add a bit of honey for the kids. They especially love it served with a cinnamon stick. If we are lucky enough for a cold day, we enjoy it in front of a warm fire at home. Of course, my husband and I like to add a splash of brandy or bourbon for a lil’ kick. 


We are also upon cookie season. Honey is also a great addition to your holiday baking. It gives your pastries a mild sweetness that doesn’t overpower your other flavors. I love to use my own hive honey or another local honey. I have included a few simple cookie recipes from other sites to try this holiday. Don’t forget, even warm toast makes a great vehicle for fresh honey.

Honey Tips

  • Honey will never spoil, keep it in a sealed container at all times.
  • Honey will crystalize, simply warm the container in warm water and never microwave. Local honey can be used to control allergies as well as a  treatment for mild burns or wounds.
  • Remember, honey bees survive on their own honey stores in the winter, so never take too much.
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