Connecting with other Beekeepers

Winter Time Opportunities

So, it’s winter and cold in most of the US. I am based in TX and our weather fluctuates between baseline hot and cold fronts. Winter means our bees are safely in their hives with some extra shelter or wraps to keep them warm and dry. It also means that the beekeeper is eagerly waiting for a day to check on their hives or preparing for spring.

This free time away from the hive is a great opportunity to connect with other beekeepers in your area. Most counties have a local chapter association or combine a few small counties into one group. I have found several local chapters through their facebook page as well. This is a great way to meet other beeks and learn from other people. If you are a beginner, a lot of groups offer mentors and hands on help. Meetings are typically once a month and cover all types of topics and include speakers and demonstrations. I have found that being among fellow beekeepers invigorates my love for beekeeping. I love talking about bees to anyone that will listen and so do other beekeepers!


Local groups are also a great way to order your bees for the spring and buy supplies from local bee supply stores that can do a muit-order drop. That can save you money on shipping costs and connect you with local resources. You might also be surprised at the networking possibilities from attending your local group. There are all types of small businesses spread throughout our great state and chances are there is one near you.

Another great way to talk bees is through social media. There are lots of facebook pages out there dedicated to beekeepers from all levels and areas. The cool thing about social media is that you can compare and contrast beekeeping methods with people all over the world. There is so much to learn and so many techniques out there it’s a never ending ocean of information. It is also a great place to ask questions or share some fun beeswax crafts or funny stories.

I’ve included a few links to some beekeeping associations here in Texas. Search for some in your area and plan your 2018 to include some local meetings. January is nearing and it’s a great time to make new friends!

Texas Beekeepers Association
Williamson County Area Beekeepers Association
Austin Area Beekeepers Association
Central Texas Beekeepers Association
The Alamo Area Beekeepers Association
Trinity Valley Beekeepers Association
Harris County Beekeeper Association
Houston Beekeepers Association
Beekeepers Of Lubbock TX - Facebook Page
Bell Coryell Bee Club - Facebook Page


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