2019 Shows


Spring Time to-do's

We are headed into Spring and I'm sure you are getting busy. One of my goals this year is to give myself more self-care time. Such as reading books and maybe even a massage. Your goal might involve more gardening, beekeeping or beekeeping seminars. Today, I want to share some information on how you can plan your year to include a day of learning and networking with other beekeepers. 

Texas Shows

Texas is a large state and there are multiple bee clubs that provide seasonal seminars. These are a few that I have attended and recommend so you can start planning a few day trips. 

  • Central Texas Beekeepers Association Bee School                              
  • Texas Beekeepers Association Summer Clinic                 
  • Brazoria County Beekeepers Association Honey Expo

Out of State Shows

Summers are hard in Texas. The heat is intense and you might find yourself dreaming of cool breezes and getting out of town. If you do find yourself out of state, consider heading to one of these bigger shows. 

  • Heartland Apicultural Society in Bowling Green, Ky                                
  • Western Apicultural Society in Ashland, OR                                              
  • Eastern Apicultural Society in Greenville, SC                                            


     All of these shows offer something different for every level of beekeeper. Classes, demos and hands on practice. Speakers range in topic from beekeeping 101 to mead making and making splits. You can also find lots of awesome vendors (like me!) offering bee gifts and supplies. I hope you take advantage of all the exciting opportunities around the state and be sure to say "Howdy" when you see us around Texas.



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